critical mass by cheeseonbikes
February 28, 2009, 12:26 pm
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lets call it not a real success.the police was already there when we arrived.they knew everything about the critical mass rides from about ten printed pages that they had from wikipedia and other webpages.pretty crazy.but looks like where really living in a little police state.

they finally allowed as to go but we had to ride a choosen route and also had to start at a fixed we decided to cancel the ride and head over too a underpass to have a few beers and riding around.

sessione1..getting some beers.

sessione2arriving at the underpass.



…anyway it was fun at all and hopefully we can do it next time again without the police.

so today go out and ride your bike because it looks like spring is here!its warm and sunny out there…

ride safe!!


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OMG! That is just a joke. It’s really sad that our police has nothin better to do than stop some cyclist from having some fun.

Comment by Cutty

No comment 😀

Comment by Ben

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