friday night ride pics 27.03 by cheeseonbikes
March 28, 2009, 11:32 am
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first a big  thanks to everybody who came out!it was a amazing night !!!!so i guess we will have another one quite soon… the bavaria.even the wheather was quite ok..

fnr3..just a few small raindrops found there way through earth…

fnr21..a few bikes.but we all were totally impressed when richard from england turned up with his totally awesome selfbuild high bike!..


richards-biketotally amazing man!..


after a few beers we started our ride…

fnr4we first went to do the classic gärtnerplatz circle ride..i think this time we made it around 20 times..until everybody had to throw up.heheh..



fnr11 was time for some more beer.we finally went over to the friedensengel had a beer break there also at the akademie and at the chinesischem turm and finally made it around 12:30 to this nice underground parking lot where jamie started to pull some tricks…



we went home around i think that is a sign for a really nice night!!

fnr9again a big thanks to everybody who came out!!! !see you in a few weeks.  YEAH

more pics are on our new flickr HERE

so go out and ride you bike because it really looks like spring is here!


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It was like so great!
Can´t wait for the next ride!
And everyone bring one new rider with you!!!

Comment by Ben

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