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as you know we are not really into posting stuff that all the other blogs are posting.but sometime you have to make a exception.for example with this is really crazy if you imagine that they do alleycats now which are followed and filmed by a helicopter!but anyway it gives you a really nice perspective on what is going on.i kinda like this video and how fast rainer is riding…i know that there was a longer and i think better version online before but they put it off..anyway.sit back and enjoy:


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hey hey if some of you might already know there will be a bicycle party will start around 22uhr at the bavaria i think..thats what i heard.nothing 100% save!but i m pretty sure that it will happend.there will be a soundsystem playing which sounds quite nice i i hope to see you all tomorrow at the bavaria!and for all those who are intrested in playing polo tomorrow before the party we will meet as usual around 19:15 at the bauhaus (landsbergerstr)…see u tomorrow!

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..jamie gave me the hint to have a look at some already know this page is packed with beautiful drawings from old unique trackbikes,unicyles,highbikes,roadbikes etc…it really worth to check it out!

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sun..just a silly romatical shot to tell you the summer is here!

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fdnr32first a big thanks to all the people who came out last night.i think we had a new visitor record..yeah!this time it was more about riding.we choose a big bigger route this time straight from the north to the west,to the east to the south..


a cheap little vid:


fdnr39..had a stop at the nymphenburger schloß which was really nice…

img_3537afterwards stopped at some gasstaion to get more beer before we continued our ride to the olympiapark….


the olympiapark line up!we finally headed  back to the gärtnerplatz as usual…..

was a bit lazy this time with taking pictures!sorry..but there are a few more on the flickr was a long ride this time.was kind of exhausted at the end..hahaha..not really but a hope that everybody liked and that we all will see us again the next time.

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having some fun on the wiesn!

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April 24, 2009, 11:33 am
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Am 25.04 wird in München eine Demo für mehr Unterstützung der Mountainbiker im Großraum München stattfinden.

Die vom DIMB organisierte Demo beginnt um 15 Uhr am Münchner Marienplatz. Hintergrund der Demonstration ist der überaschende Abriss des Bombenkraters vor 2 Wochen. Darauf hin traffen sich am 27.03. DIMB, DAV M97Steffan Herrmann und das Landratsamt München zu einem ersten Sondierungsgespräch. Hierbei wurde über eine alternative Lösungsmöglichkeit gesprochen, erste positive Ansätze waren erkennbar. Um den Argumenten nun die nötige Durchschlagskraft zu verpassen sollten soviel Biker und BMXer wie möglich bei der Demo erscheinen. Informiert jeden den Ihr kennt, es geht um Eure Zukunft!

p.s da sollten wir unsere fahrrad freunde unterstützen!!!also nichts wie hin!