super sprints + munichs 2nd cycle art by cheeseonbikes

looks like july is packed with events.

after the wonderfull pologamy weekend we go on with the super sprints finals! yeah! we will meet again at the bavaria at 14:00. as you know the sprints will take place on the 4th july! it will be a exciting one because its totally open who will make it. so come over and show your skills. lets keep our fingers crossed that it wont rain.ready to race!

supersprints flyer2.3

..after that we definetly will head over to benni`s velothek whos holding the munichs 2nd cycle art exhibition. he will turn his shop into a nice art space. so you better dont miss that.



pologamy pics by cheeseonbikes

IMG_4262wow. the weekend is over. what a amazing event! i hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. a huge thanks to all the teams who showed up to play here in munich!!! THANK YOU! hope to see you all next year!

the first pics appearing on the flickr.  if you have flicks that you wanna add to the pool here you go> click

pologamy winner!!! by cheeseonbikes

nothing new..L` EQUIPE take the trophee  home to geneva!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

they beat the local poloholic torros with 5:3 in a stunning final  game!



IMG_1548-bl´equpie with the trophee.( yellow shirts )

IMG_4298the 2nd place  goes to the munich torros

IMG_4295the 3rd goes to the mustard tigers from milwaukee. it was a awesome event. to tire to write more. will post more pics updates within the next days.

here the results again




munich torros


mustard tigers


little extra movie for you from the semifinals

pologamy quarterfinals & semifinals by cheeseonbikes

stunning games. the level playing is really high! and the sun is here so its pretty amazing!

super atmosphere!

IMG_4249in the quartefinals:


raging poloholics

bambule berlin

c.c. clowns

the mustard tigers

danse ta guele,

poloholics torros

mullets of madness

IMG_4255raging poloholics v.s  l`equipe

IMG_4270 mustard tigers v.s danse ta guele

IMG_4258the crowd!

and here are the semifinals.

l`equipe v.s c.c. clowns

the mustard tigers v.s poloholics torros

ready to play!

pologamy update by cheeseonbikes

rain is here. time for a break and a little update.



results after the first round.

Group A

1st  l`equipe

2nd candy colored clowns

3th michael jackson tribute team

4th wheelo

Group B

1st poloholics torros

2nd maty,schindel und söhne

3th cosmic breasts

4th dt all stars

Group C

1st raging poloholics

2st bamboule berlin

3st poloholics anonymous

4th mallet force

Group D

1st mallets of madness

2nd mustard tigers

3th the e and the poloholica

4th rathaus leipzig

Group E

1st dans ta  guele, puseau

2nd rotten apples

4th zwietracht frankfurt / bike and roll

some more pics:




pologamy update first round by cheeseonbikes

IMG_7207cloudy but no rain so far! awesome atmosphere super hight echnique plays! good music! tons of people!

first shots:





teams which are playing:

Group A

candy colored clowns ( karlsruhe )

l`equipe ( geneva )

wheelo ( konstanz)

michael jackson tribute polo team ( london , karlsruhe, manchester )

Group B

matz, schindel und söhne ( karlsruhe )

cosmic breasts ( londnon )

dt allstars ( london )

poloholics torros ( munich )

Group C

poloholics anonymous ( munich )

bamboule berlin ( berlin )

mallet force ( berlin )

raging poloholics ( munich )

Group D

mallet of madness ( karlsruhe )

the mustard tigers ( milwaukee )

the e and the poloholics ( munich )

rad-haus ( leipzig )

Group E

zwietracht frankfurt ( fankfurt )

rotten apples ( london )

bike and roll ( konstanz )

dans ta geule, puseau ( paris )

games start by cheeseonbikes

pologamy is open!!

IMG_4200last night games.

first game  starts at 10:oo!

wheelo (konstanz) vs l`equipe ( genf )

first games first rain.


keeps fingers crossed for good wheather!