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Finally, here is a little report on last week´s trip to Berlin. We went there to participate in the bikepolo tournament that took place during the European Cycle Messenger Championships (ECMC) 2009. Sadly, we did not have the opportunity to get many impressions of the ECMCs themselves as we were hanging around at the polo courts almost all of the time.


In the evenings we rode around town, had delicious and reasonably priced  food and hung around at the parties that were organised by the ECMC crew. Great thing for bike lovers. Pavements full of beautiful bikes! Go to the flickr for that!

Now here is the report on the bikepolo tournament:

Three teams from Munich started there along with about 40 teams from all around Europe. The three Munich teams were Toros (Andi, Eddy, Pablo), Munich Lions (Lorenz, Markus, Udo) and Poloholica (Anja, Kathrin and myself).


Friday started quite relaxed with a Weisswurstfrühstück while we were preparing our bikes and mallets. Then we went off to the old airport Tempelhof to register for the event. The bikepolo courts had just been prepared so we entered the throw-ins which had already started on Thursday. That way we got to know quite a few players from the other teams.

The actual tournament started on Saturday with a few hours delay. Some games were going on but in the evening the rain came. And stayed. So the qualification rounds were abridged and postponed to Sunday.

Mallet in the rain

After a few games on Sunday the best 16 teams had been determined according to their wins in the qualis. Poloholica got a wildcard but unfortunately lost the game against one of the Berlin teams. Bad luck. But still, Toros and Munich Lions were still in the game.

The round of 16 went on with some really good games. The Londoners kicked  each others asses, Geneva demonstrated a very precise and fair play, Berlin 1 improved its play since we last saw them (great compliment for that!). Munich Lions were in good shape and showed one of their best plays so far. They ranked fourth! Keep it up, Lions!
The three remaining teams were Berlin 1, Geneva and Toros struggling for the winner´s podium.
Berlin 1 and Geneva started the game on Sunday evening. The score was 1:0 for Geneva when one player got injured by an accidental mallet hit to the eyebrow. He had to go to the hospital, so the remaining games were postponed again.
Monday´s games were the best! Berlin 1 lost an exciting game against Geneva, ranking third. Then it was Toros´ turn in the final game to show what Munich bikepolo is all about. The game lasted 45 minutes (!). Every minute filled with passion, action, team play, fair play and reallyreally good bikepolo. Toros were leading at the beginning but Geneva deservedly called it a game when they scored 5:3. Congratulations! Toros, don´t be sad, we all know you can do better!

Altogether, it was a nice weekend in the Hauptstadt. It was great to see so many beautiful bikes and to meet so many nice people. The throw-ins were real good fun! The tournament could have been a little bit better organised but I do not want to dwell on that but rather thank the organisers.

Thanks for reading this little report. And do not forget to come to our own little tournament on June 27th – Pologamy. See you guys there!

– Cheese on Wheels Correspondent –


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