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because of the bad weather forecast we might have to postpone the sprints on saturday. too bad.  but we wont give up the hope that we will have good weather. so check the blog again tomorrow morning. we will let you know if the sprints will take place or not. lets all keep our fingers crossed that the sun will come out tomorrow.

there are more bad news: looks like our champ is out. he hurt his ankle pretty bad during yesterday`s polo. so he probably wont be sprinting anymore. get well soon, sven!

now the chances are high for benny to make the first place.

the new date, if the sprints should be postponed tomorrow,  is the 4th of july.


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hah hah, Schadenfreude aus Berlin!

Comment by Fitzke


mensch, ich liebe euch berliner neider.
hast du nichst zu tuen oder warum schaust du
überhaupt auf den blog?
oder intressierst du dich etwa doch was im
kleine,uncoolen, münchen so geht.

Comment by cheeseonbikes

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