big city of (cycle) dreams by zevvv

Hej København!
Hands down this must be the most bicycle friendly city in the world!
Cycle traffic dominates this vibrant town, there are bikelanes everywhere, mostly in immaculate condition,
and super broad and comfortable aswell. The cardrivers respect the cyclists as equal part of the traffic – They watch out for you and won’t honk their horns at you! Admirable isn’t it? Oh I want to go back there
some impressions, Mural in Nørrebro Artist: Seppo Mattinen Year 1993
have you ever seen such a broad cyle lane??
On the bridge to Nørrebro, counting cyclists, 15-20 thousand bikes a day just on that one bridge!
as you see cycling is part of everyday life of the danish people and animals;)
more soon!


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Comment by per

I’ll catch up on that soon cheers

Comment by zevvv

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