goodbye munich by cheeseonbikes york i m coming!


andechs tour by cheeseonbikes

puh just back from a really exhausting ride with my man julian to andechs.. i just recognise again how beautiful the bavarian landscape is.! i really enjoyed it!

andechs4more pics at the usual spot —->check check it here.

friday night ride 10.04.09 by cheeseonbikes
April 11, 2009, 12:48 am
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fnr228yesterday was a blast!!thanks to everybody who came out to have a ride and enjoy the beautiful wheather…


at the meetingg point.quite a few people came out to ride.nice to see some new faces!…


fnr26..headed off to the olympia park.crossing the hackerbrücke and also the little pedestrain bridge there which was tons of fun..



..finall we arrived at the top of the olympia berg.had some beers, enjoy the nice view and just relaxe after this exhausting ride up the hill…went to the next gasstation to get some beer..

fnr221…nice to see that markus turned up with his amazing tallbike…went to the opernplatz to enjoy the beers and to take the commun group shot..we tried to go into the paking lot like last time but this time the security guy got really pissed so we had to leave quite quick…


..bikes in a row….

fnr227..afterwards we headed to the gärtnerplatz to end the ride with the  “gärtnerplatz classics” , our little urban velodrom…


..did some trackstand and footdown which was big fun!…


….so i hope that we ll see you all in about 2 weeks.i really enjoyed it and hope that you like it as much as i did…..and ride careful kevin not that your knees are completely destroyed within the next few days…

and there are way more fotos on our flickr HERE

pssssst there will be a special event next saturday;)..but i ll let you know quite soon.

starnberg trip pt.2 by cheeseonbikes
April 2, 2009, 8:24 am
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…went on another trip to starnberg to enjoy the with richard, jamie and raphael.richard is probably the first who made it  with a highbike to starnberg.respekt man!

bike day by cheeseonbikes
March 18, 2009, 2:42 pm
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yesterday it was one of the first nice days this i decided to took my new bike for a little ride to the starnberger see.

beinewas fun and pretty exhausting..afterwards i met jamie at the new spot to have a closer look..

banks..looks nice.but its probably better to go there when its getting dark.during the day its crowded with kids and there parents.

..finally it was time for polo.but no polo pics today because my camera run out of power!.it was a nice day!and i really looking forward to spring!!

wheather is great again so go out and ride your bike!

propaganda time by cheeseonbikes
February 20, 2009, 4:06 pm
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jep jep lets start the stickers arrived and some nice spokecards.these are just the first few.there will be some more soon.hopefully the weather will change soon because it really sucks!!!

sunday polo and alleycat!!!looks like some stuff is going on in munich.

where to go????

ride safe!

gregs wooden bicycle b.l.b.c. Brooklyn by cheeseonbikes
February 11, 2009, 3:31 pm
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2989533058_e2fb131970greg told me it’s a bone shaker…yet….he rides the hell out of it … hello brooklyn ..bird